Carmen Colombo – A Modern Decameron

These pictures were taken in August during a trip to Greece. They tell a story of days spent together with friends in the Peloponnese countryside. It was like finding an oasis of peace after the difficult lockdown in Italy.

Here, I rediscovered the value of freedom and sharing – we enjoyed the outdoors, the warm light of the sun and the simple life.

It is a modern and personal cross-reference to Boccaccio’s Decameron, a literary work that tells the stories of a group of young people isolated in a countryside house during the 1300 plague epidemic.

Carmen Colombo currently lives in Milan and works as a freelance commercial photographer. Her work has been exhibited at Photofestival, Milan 2012, the Jitterbug Gallery, Paris 2016, Macro Museum, Rome as part of Emerging Talents 2016, and at the Rathausgallerie, Graz in 2018. In 2017 her series Al di qua delle montagne was published by Balter Books. Her work has also been featured in VUU Super Special Issue 9, FotoRoom, YetMagazine, i-D Italy and Vice. In 2020, Colombo was selected by Artpil as one of their ’30 under 30′ women photographers.