Antonino Barbaro

Antonino Barbaro is an artist and writer whose documentary-based and experimental work sits at the intersection between media. His production involves photographic images, lm, 3D, archival research and text. Antonino holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Milan and a MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from the London College of Communication. His current interest emphasises the exploration of anthropological and environmental issues His work often develops into multimedia installations enabling viewers’ interactions at different levels. Some of his latest research focuses on the power and limitation of modern communication technology, its glitch and its deceiving nature in the process of information. He lives and works between London and Milan. Antonino is a member of the editorial staff at PHROOM PLATFORM, where he engages in articles and essays on contemporary photographic work. He also curates live interviews with international artists.


Antonino Barbaro – A Place Like No Other