Bowei Yang

Boway Young (Bowei Yang), who was born in Hangzhou of China, is a photographer recently traveling between Beijing and London. By mainly focusing on photographing the Chinese teenage queer group, his work documents the contemporary teenage queers living in China combined with staged memories of his childhood, and he also tries to query the self-identity in the awareness of diverse collective identifications. He had exhibited his work in China, Japan, Russia, the United States, and other countries.His work was also published by publishers like Lens Culture, Aint-bad Magzine, IGNANT Magzine, China Daily, and others. 杨博炜,生于中国杭州,现就读于英国皇家艺术学院摄影专业。作品多以童年记忆为出发点讨论个人身份在不同集体身份认同里的归属感。作品在日本、俄罗斯、美国等国家展出,曾被Lens Culture、 Aint-Bad 杂志、IGNANT杂志、ChinaDaily等媒体发表。


Bowei Yang – Soft Thorn