Claudia Iacomino

Claudia Iacomino (1986 Naples, Italy) is a photographer and visual artist based in Naples. Her research focuses on the appearances and the human system of perception exploring the possible boundaries of visual perception and construction of experience. She works with photography reconsidering the state of the image, producing a particular moment that did not exist. This kind of approach to the image allows her to investigate photographic identity and its relationship with man, addressing different themes: from communication as a whole, from advertising to information to politics, up to death, in which the personal feeling make room between simulacra to investigate the systems of pain perception and memory. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Culture and Management of Cultural Heritage, Naples (Italy), and she holds a Master of Fine Art’s degree with honors in Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts Napoli, (Italy).


Claudia Iacomino – Mnemosyne