Darren Campion

Darren Campion has been writing about contemporary photography, with digressions into its history and theory, since 2009. His concern as a writer – or, perhaps more reluctantly, as a critic – is how photographers can make use of their medium to address the world in which we are living.


Sybren Vanoverberghe – Conference Of The Birds

Adam Pape – Dyckman Haze

Mark Steinmetz – Past K-Ville

Arturo Soto – In the Heat

Ron Jude – Nausea

Antoine Bruy – The White Man’s Hole

Vasantha Yogananthan – The Promise

Interview – Peter Van Agtmael


Fryd Frydendahl – Nephews

Tom Callemin – Index

Curran Hatleberg – Lost Coast

David Barnes – in solution

Aaron Schuman – FOLK

Interview – Marton Perlaki

David Campany – a Handful of Dust

Julian Lombardi – The Unfinished

Interview – Shane Lynam

Tova Katzman – An Otherwise Fruitless Search