Emma Phillips

Emma Phillips is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work, set around the focal point of the home, probes ideals of domesticity, womanhood, memory and dreams. Recent activities include a photobook commission from Photo Australia, nomination for the Murray Art Museum Albury National Photography Prize, and an exhibition at ReadingRoom in 2019. From 2014-2019 Emma was the photobook buyer at Perimeter Books, where she implemented the Perimeter Talks program, a series of panel discussions, lectures, and casual in-conversations with publishers, artists, curators, designers, writers and editors exploring and addressing various themes and issues relating to contemporary photographic, art and design publishing. Emma is an occasional writer and educator, contributing to programs at University of Technology, Sydney, Photography Studies College, Melbourne and Penumbra Foundation, New York City. Emma earned an MFA in 2017 from the University of Hartford’s International Limited-Residency program.


Emma Phillips – Too Much to Dream