Imdad Barbhuyan

New Delhi-based visual artist Imdad Barbhuyan creates atmospheric and intimate scenes by bringing out the poetry in the ordinary and mundane. Exploring themes of melancholia, memory, desire and intimacy, they create a dream-like world that inspires contemplation and encourages a deeper connection with the natural world. Contemplative in nature, their varied body of work is an amalgamation of editorials, portraits and still lives; documenting beauty and projecting a harmony between the natural world and human existence. Their work has an air of mystery and a metaphorical dimension to it; there’s certainly more than what meets the eye, inviting the viewers to immerse themselves in their world and become a part of their imagination.


Instagram Takeover – Imdad Barbhuyan

A person holds a large surfboard sized fern leaf that covers the models entire body, leaving only the hands that hug the leaf exposed.