Jungjin Lee

Jungjin Lee’s large-format photographs on handmade Korean rice paper are often mistaken for charcoal drawings at first glance. In the darkroom, she brushes photosensitive emulsion onto handmade Korean rice paper. Lee then uses a traditional photo enlarger to project the image onto the prepared surface. The results are texturally unique prints – the brushwork traces within the emulsion base lend a painterly quality, while the rice paper beneath gives the image a more tactile, organic feel. The unusually large sizes claim their own presence, testifying to the labor and time intensive process of Lee’s work. Since her recent series “Unnamed Road,” Lee has combined her traditional darkroom practices with digital printing technologies for the first time. Using the same process to create her traditional darkroom prints, she then scans in these initial prints to digitally print onto Japanese mulberry paper, thus adding even more textures and tonal ranges from this secondary paper source.


This Place: an interview with Jungjin Lee