Mical Valusek

Argentina-born and raised photographer Mical Valusek uses photography as a medium to explore and better understand human behaviour through intimate and playful portraits, both in her personal and commissioned work. After studying Visual Arts at the University of Buenos Aires, Mical started a career as a fashion photographer in Argentina. Having shot a number of campaigns and editorials, she relocated to Paris in 2016 to continue pursuing a career in fashion. In 2018 she exhibited her personal series <em>She, Ripe & Unplucked</em> at Ofr Gallery in Paris. In her work, the focus was to challenge the erotization often associated with nudity by collaborating with a group of women in the creation of empowering and liberating images that also included self-portraits. Mical continues to expand her work between fashion and documentary photography, constantly searching for ways to capture her subjects in a personal and honest way, which is the signature to her work.


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