Morgan Ashcom

Morgan Ashcom is an artist based in Charlottesville, VA whose work explores the tension between invented and experiential narratives. Despite the realist style of his works, they are fictionalized through collaboration and context. Ashcom’s work has been exhibited and published nationally and internationally including two solo exhibitions at Candela Gallery and the Houston Center for Photography in 2018. His work has received numerous awards including Center’s Choice Awards, the German Photobook Award and the Center for Photography at Woodstock’s Photography Now Purchase Prize. Ashcom has been an artist in residence at Light Work and has taught at Western Connecticut State University, Ithaca College, University of Hartford, Cornell University and the University of Virginia. His work has been featured in The New Yorker magazine and Le Monde magazine. Morgan is a co-founder of Visible Records, an art gallery and studio space located in Charlottesville Virginia.


Interview – Morgan Ashcom