Ronghui Chen

Ronghui Chen is a Chinese photographer and storyteller based in Shanghai/ New haven, whose work focuses on China’s urbanization. Known for his interest in the issues arising from the position of the individual within the urbanization and industrialization of China, Chen published his first collection of photographs named Chen Ronghui, now part of China’s Contemporary Photography Catalog. He was won a number of awards including the World Press Photo; BarTur Photo Award; The W.Eugene Smith Grant for students;Three Shadows Photography Award & AlPA special prize and Hou Dengke Documentary Photography Award. 陈荣辉,摄影师,现工作生活于上海和纽黑文。他的作品主要关注中国的城市化,探讨个体经验与城市化、工业化中的关系。已经出版了同名图录《陈荣辉》,属于中国当代摄影师合集中的一本。同时陈荣辉曾获得世界新闻摄影大赛,尤金·史密斯摄影奖,三影堂ALPA奖,侯登科纪实摄影奖等众多国内外知名摄影奖项。


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