Danielle Mbonu – Celebrating Hair

Celebrating Hair, a photo series curated by Danielle Mbonu in collaboration with MomoLagos alongside various other talented creatives in Lagos, is centred around glorifying different braiding styles in African culture. Most black girls are seen as “more attractive” with wigs as opposed to braids, which is improbable as braids are a deep-rooted part of Nigerian culture. In rural areas of Nigeria, people with the most glamorous braids are seen as ‘royal’ ; yet younger generations don’t dignify it as an art form. Celebrating Hair aims to celebrate different cultural styles to fit within the context of modern times.

Danielle Mbonu is a 22 year-old Nigerian-born multi-disciplinary artist. She focuses on photography and has very recently delved into the world of film after doing the creative direction on Naira Marley’s music video for Aye. Danielle has a record of documenting the creative essence of her city: Lagos. Her photos, without failure, display a rich sense of youthful freedom.