David Biro – Front End













In a world where the human capabilities are not enough to overcome the challenges that modern technology offers, we need to develop a new strategy to orientate our focus. It is a must to control the overflown datastream we experience each day. As a user, we became the curator of our own life. The Internet is the most democratic medium, we have the chance to do that. Feedbacks, comments, ratings seem like the most powerful filter, but we have to face the fact: they can have a negative side effect as well. The medium gained unlimited access to every kind of knowledge, but at the same time to manipulation, conspiracy theories and fake news either. It is our task to control this situation.

Virtual reality has become a part of everyday life and it gradually becomes a growing challenge, not only in the distinguishing between the two types of reality but because it becomes more and more difficult to leave that dream-like scene created by technology. This parallel presence and the weight of information requires us to focus our attention and perception to avoid digital distraction. I created photographic images, depicting this uncertain orientation, inspired by the visuality of video games and 3D graphics, where it is unclear whether that which we see depicts reality or is a computer generated image.


Published 6 September 2018