Paper Journal Photobook – call for submissions

Bianca Salvo – The Universe Makers

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Lua Ribeira – Noises in the Blood

Tradition itself remains in flux, this paradox of tradition, its stability in change, is one of the threads in Lua Ribeira’s 'Noises in the Blood'.

Antoine Bruy – The White Man’s Hole

Vasantha Yogananthan – The Promise

Rhonda Holberton – Still Life

Fryd Frydendahl – Nephews

Tom Callemin – Index

Curran Hatleberg – Lost Coast

David Barnes – in solution

Power in Print – Black Cultural Archives

Enda Bowe – At Mirrored River

Christopher Nunn – Holy Water

Paper Journal 3rd birthday exhibition

Aaron Schuman – FOLK

Marta Zgierska – Post

Matthieu Litt – Horsehead Nebula