Julian Lombardi – The Unfinished

Tova Katzman – An Otherwise Fruitless Search

Collier Schorr – Acting Out

Zahid Jiwa – Terrain Vague

Lewis Bush – War Primer 3

Paolo Morales – Looking Back

Jason Larkin – Waiting

Katrin Koenning – Near

Peter Holliday – Where The Land Rises

Fedor Shklyaruk: Known and Unknown

Roxana Azar – Cluster/Eclipse

Jonathan Fuss – Altered Neighbourhoods

Nick Waplington/Alexander McQueen: Working Process

Anouk Kruithof – A Modern Flaneur

Anne-Sophie Stolz – Intimacy With Space

Cole Don Kelley: Postcards from the Purgatory

Thomas Chéné – Truth and Consequences

Skylar Blum – SOLE