Gucci #accidentalinfluencer

Gucci’s latest digital campaign, #accidentalinfluencer, is an equal parts amusing and thought-provoking take on uniformity and imitation.

Shot by London based artist, photographer and director Max Siedentopf, the imagery harkens us back into the fictional Gucci World, as seen in previous campaigns. Siedentopf captures seemingly coincidental situations with strikingly similar looking people. Each scene is made to look like an accidental capture: in one photo, young twin-like ladies stand on an escalator in alternating matching coats and in another, long-haired bearded men pass by a Gucci store. The encounters take place in everyday settings, from the sidewalk to the store, and the nonchalance of the subjects lends itself to the playful element.

The project draws its inspiration from the Gucci Tennis 1977 sneaker, which served as the reference point for Alessandro Michele, and the canvas shoe can be seen on the diverse cast in a range of prints. Pushing the digital envelope forward, Gucci is letting its audience virtually try on the sneakers for themselves through the use of AR on their app.