I Don’t Warna Grow Up, selected by Matt Martin

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Artist: Sean Vegezzi
Title: I Don’t Warna Grow Up
Publisher: Fourteen-Nineteen
Year: 2012

IDWGU is my favourite photography book of 2012. It’s the perfect overview of having fun. Even if you’re view of fun is not having adventures and exploring the world there’s no doubt that you would not love Sean’s’ photography. Growing up in New York, Sean has documented day to day life with the excitement of living in a city that truly never sleeps. The curation of the images as well as the layout and design of the book itself makes IDWGU a recent favourite.

Matt Martin is a photographer, curator and publisher from Brighton. He runs the online gallery wearelucky and the exhibition project The Photocopy Club. Matt started Create Publishing in 2012 which publishes limited edition books and zines from up and coming photographers. At the start of the year he became the curator of the Brighton photography gallery Space@Create and has so far worked with photographers such as Chris Floyd, Purienne and Ewen Spencer.