Instagram Takeover – Arch McLeish

Arch McLeish is a Photographer and Art Director from London currently based in NYC.

I am interested in documenting the real world, with elements of surrealness to present something familiar but altogether more dreamlike.

I look to compose a shot, so it stands grounded in reality, but suspended in time. Often vacant of people, but not void of life. My compositions focus on detail; an intersection of lines, a glimpse of architecture, a pocket of light.

I don’t like to impose too much information on an image; instead, allowing the viewer to make their own subconscious connections to it. The images are not meant to be read in a series or with a broader political view – they are about the world we live in, flawed/ broken but always optimistic, and the landscapes and scenes that are ever-present but unnoticed.

Arch McLeish is taking over @paperjournalmag from today until 13 April. You can follow him @archmc and see more of his work at