Instagram Takeover – Sarah Blais

Sarah Blais’ photography explores the beauty of uncanny details and subtle tensions in ordinary life. Her editorial work alternates between quiet and solitary moments, to a more enthusiastic and joyful energy, while consistently finding a strength in the women she portrays.

Blais moved from Toronto to London and worked as an art director for two years, before making her way to Paris, via Berlin. Her work has been published in the Wall Street Journal, Esquire, Sleek Magazine, The Sunday Times, and more. She has also worked with commercial clients including Byredo, Arket, Filippa K, Beaufille, and Mr. Porter. Her work was recently published in On Further Developments, by Anticàmera.

Blais is taking over @paperjournalmag from today until the 19th of August. You can follow her @sarahblais and see more of her work at

Published 13 August 2019