Isabella Convertino – to shoot the sun

to shoot the sun is both a reflection upon my personal traumas and experiences with masculine energies, and an investigation of male privilege within American suburbia. I am interested in containing and studying male power — observing its growth and erosion, sourcing its construction and relegation. In this body of work, I forge suburban geographies to create a terrarium, one in which I am able to direct and deconstruct performances of gender. Through formal uniformities, each image implicates its subjects in an immobility and overexposure, slowly working to align episodes and spaces of privilege with a death.

Born in 1998, Isabella Convertino is a young artist residing in New York and Connecticut. She is currently engaged in undergraduate studies at Wesleyan University, Connecticut, United States. Her work has been published by ROMAN NVMERALS press, and was recently acquired by the MoMA library. Convertino’s images speak to the complications of adolescence, compounding memory and trauma as points of departure. Interested in the interplay between familial and gender structures, her work probes modes of power inheritance, distribution, and relegation.