June T Sanders – Some Place Not Yet Here

Some Place Not Yet Here is an ongoing collection of photographs that reflect ephemeral moments of intimacy, pain, pleasure, communion, and emotional exchange. They aim to suggest how an image might reflect — rather than stifle — the shifting nature of gender, queerness, desire, and how we move through the natural and cultural landscapes surrounding us. They are, in some ways, a radical exchange. In others, a framework for past, present, and future embodiments: a posturing towards some place not yet here.

June T Sanders is a trans photographer from the shrub-steppes of Eastern WA state. She lives there still. Her photos have been shown at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center (Denver), Amos Eno Gallery (Brooklyn), and Cascade Paragon Gallery (Portland). She is a recent Teti Photography Research Fellow at the New Hampshire Institute of Art and an instructor at Washington State University and the New York Summer School of the Arts. Her work is about gender; dirt; expansions; home.