Luciano Rigolini – Private/Used


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Artist: Luciano Rigolini
Title: Private/Used
Publisher: Edition Patrick Frey
Year: 2013


The pictures that make up the latest book from Swiss artist Luciano Rigolini are at once peculiar, unsettling, and compelling. Discovered via numerous internet selling sites under the search terms of ‘private’ and ‘used’ the results offer an unsurprisingly vague portrait of their makers. The textbook nature of a lot of the displayed ‘sexiness’ suggests a very well practised operation on the part of the subjects and given the consistency of images now presented in the book, an equally well practiced approach when it comes to finding them.

Now re-presented on the pages of a book the pairings bring clarity to an otherwise murky subject. Pictures are brought together as pairs, more often than not the selections appear to have been made on the grounds of a relationship of form or colour, a beautifully simple device  that heightens both the sculptural quality of the images and adds further emphasis to the ‘performances’ within.

With Private/Used, one of several books the artist has produced using vernacular imagery, Luciano Rigolini continues to display a great deftness of touch when working within this ever popular field.

Written by Edward Newton / Published 3 October 2013