Nora Nord – ADHD Awareness

There is a clear gender bias in diagnosing and catching Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), which means it often goes under the radar for those who don’t fit the stereotype of a young cis boy bouncing off the walls. As adults, it can be hard to spot, because our minds, by this point, seem normal to us and the symptoms of ADHD are internalised. This project aims to show all sorts of people with ADHD, whom others may relate to. I photographed everyone in their rooms (with clear orders not to shame-clean before I came over), and interviewed them about their experiences. Too many ADHD resources are difficult to access and out of touch with who young creative people are. This project was a way for me, too, to overcome my ADHD and meet like-minded people who are also struggling – and thriving – with their neurodivergent brains. I hope this project helps you or someone you know, and puts an end to suffering in silence.

Nora Nord is a London-based artist working primarily in photography. Her work is informed by documentary processes and takes on themes of mental health and sexuality. Traversing art, fashion and writing she makes photo series’, publications, sculpture and installations. She graduated from Central Saint Martins with an MA in photography in December 2019. Nora’s work has been featured on i-D, Dazed, Teen Vogue, Vogue Italia, ShowStudio and AnOther Magazine.