Interview – Cecilia Sordi Campos: Tem Bigato Nessa Goiaba

Cecilia Sordi Campos' 'Tem Bigato Nessa Goiaba' represents the need Campos felt "to devour my Brazilian influences, my hybrid identity, and my emotions to then transform them into a new form of expression."

Interview – Matteo Dal Vera and Michael Weatherill: The Bridge

Domonkos Varga – Acts of Cassandra

In 'Acts of Cassandra' Domonkos Varga examines utopianism and dystopian thought in relation of present-day technological and social changes.

Theo Deproost – Still Works

Rather than focusing on the sharpened and shining finished products, Theo Deproost's 'Still Works' honour the erosion, scars and callouses that adorn the tools and machinery of the workshop.

Instagram Takeover – David Rothenberg

This week on the Paper Journal Instagram, David Rothenberg is sharing photographs from 'Roosevelt Station' and 'Landing Lights Park'.

Joshua Tarplin

'I am interested in finding my sealegs. I need my sealegs to stay balanced between all that I know and all that I see, especially as I remain adrift among an infinite swamp of imagery.'

Instagram Takeover – Michele Palazzi

This week, Italian documentary photographer Michele Palazzi is sharing some of his recent work on the Paper Journal Instagram.

Yorgos Yatromanolakis – The Splitting of the Chrysalis & the Slow Unfolding of the Wings

Yorgos Yatromanolakis' 'The Splitting of the Chrysalis & the Slow Unfolding of the Wings' is inspired by the anthropological rites of passage that mark the transitions from one phase of life to another.

Instagram Takeover – Arch McLeish

Dylan Lewis – Dusker

Dylan Lewis' 'Dusker' disrupts the already-fraught relationship between image, language, and narrative to create a space where new forms of meaning-making emerge.

Instagram Takeover – Maximilian Semlinger

Maximilian Semlinger's 'Godspeed' charts a journey of self-discovery, as both a young man and an artist. Moody glances and folorn gazes speak of a dispirited generation.

Giulia Parlato – Diachronicles

Sadie Cornette Cook – My Breath

On August 27, between 3:04 and 7:15 pm, Sadie Cornette Cook bent over a desk in the computer lab, scanning her breath.

Imogen Freeland – Birth of a Mother

In her series, 'Birth of a Mother', photographer Imogen Freeland documents an intimate, first-hand portrayal of newfound, unexpected motherhood.

Patrick Bienert – East End of Europe

Patrick Bienert travels to Georgia, the edge of Europe, to try and find an answer to the question of what Europe truly is.

Instagram Takeover – Akasha Rabut

Nearly ten years ago, documentary photographer Akasha Rabut set out to show there's more to New Orleans than parties and disasters. Instead, she focussed on the people who live there, "The ones who persevere, survive, strengthen, and transform the city in all its unceasing vibrancy."

Peter Milne – Juvenilia

Gucci #accidentalinfluencer

Gucci’s latest digital campaign, #accidentalinfluencer, is an equal parts amusing and thought-provoking take on uniformity and imitation.