Instagram Takeover – Stephen Tayo

The Real Thing

Jeano Edwards – Familiar Strangers

Instagram Takeover – Melissa Schriek

Middlesex University Presents: Masculinities

Michele Vittori – Telepath

Instagram Takeover – Sam Youkilis

Now Look Here – The African Art of Appearance

Chaumont-Zaerpour – Things People Wear in Kenya

Peter Funch – The Imperfect Atlas

Instagram Takeover – Asaf Einy

Bowei Yang – Soft Thorn

Auto Italia – Hot Moment

Tealia Ellis Ritter – Things We Burned

Agnieszka Sejud – HOAX

A headless torso poses seductively in a pearlescent pool.

Instagram Takeover – Honey Long & Prue Stent

Two men lean into the window of a car, their faces turned away from our view.

Ben Soedira – Foreign Sands

Solène Gün – Turunç