A nude pregnant woman, her belly and breasts swollen, lies in the grass and looks up to the clouds.

Instagram Takeover – Tatum Shaw

Instagram Takeover – Luke & Nik

A portrait of a black man in profile, set against the lilac sky and the rose gold setting sun.

Instagram Takeover – Brendan George Ko

A mural of a happy parrot, penned in by a barbed wire fence.

Instagram Takeover – Patrick O’Malley

Instagram Takeover – Kovi Konowiecki

A woman and a young girl stand in an empty car park.

Interview – Kovi Konowiecki

All the chairs in the Agostini house, piled in the front garden.

Interview – Eleonora Agostini

Interview – Rodrigo Sombra

Eleonora Agostini, What Once Was, 2018

Instagram Takeover – Eleonora Agostini

Instagram Takeover – Rodrigo Sombra

An old man closes his eyes, links arms with his wife, and covers her face.

Instagram Takeover – Birthe Piontek

Interview – Carmen Winant

a close up portrait of a girl with bright orange hair covering her face and wearing a blue sweater, looks over her left shoulder

Interview – Happy Valley by Eva O’Leary

Alessio Bolzoni – Abuse II: The Uncanny

Nina Manandhar – Thamesmead

the back left corner of an old volkswagen golf, brightly light and with a white liquid running down the back

Coco Capitán – Busy Living

Laurence Watts – Looking West

In Conversation – an interview with Matthew Morrocco and Emma Sulkowicz