Paris 2019: Our top photography picks

Juan Brenner – Tonatiuh

Robbie Lawrence – Blackwater River

Bharat Sikka – The Sapper

Interview – Brad Feuerhelm, Dein Kampf

Venetia Scott – Fragile Face Lay Flat

A 'colour girl' card. A test card with a white woman wearing a black dress and white gloves, surrounded by colour reference bars.

Daniel C. Blight – The Image of Whiteness

Toufic Beyhum – Hotspots

Lisa Barnard – The Canary and the Hammer

Vytautas Kumza – Half empty half full

Photolucida Critical Mass 2019 – Our Picks

Interview – Dafna Talmor

George Voronov – We Became Everything

Instagram Takeover – Joel Meyerowitz

Josh Adam Jones – XO

Instagram Takeover – Tania Franco Klein

A pigeon takes a short flight inside an aviary, watched by the other birds.

Fergus Thomas – Bird of Dreams

Instagram Takeover – Kata Geibl