Photobooks, selected by Sacha Maric

Artist: Paul Kooiker
Title: Showground
Publisher: Basalt / Van Zoetendaal
Year: 2004

This is one of the most perfect books I have come across, very understated in its design. The format size, paper stock and layout are so right. I love Paul Kooiker’s aesthetic in these pictures. It’s a book that I keep going back to.

Artist: J.H. Engstrom
Title: Haunts
Publisher: Steidl
Year: 2006

A mysterious, beautiful, sensitive and unique visual language that works so well as a book.

Artist: Daido Moriyama
Title: Remix
Publisher: Kamel Mennour
Year: 2004

I can’t remember if I have ever looked through this cover to cover in one sitting. It’s 300 pages of full bleed pictures, a chaotic slew of imagery that I like to open up at random for inspiration. There’s an immense amount of great imagery between the paperback cover.

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Artist: Collier Schorr
Title: Forests & Fields – Vol.1 Neighbors
Publisher: Steidl
Year: 2006

I’m a big fan of Collier Schorr’s work and this book is my favourite. I first came across her photography after I saw her advertising work for COMME des GARCONS several years ago. There are few photographers who I believe are able to successfully marry the style of their personal work and their commissioned work. Art concept meets fashion portraiture.

Artist: Juergen Teller
Title: Go Sees
Publisher: Scalo
Year: 1999

A simple, brilliant idea for a series in a 500 page book. Juergen Teller photographed go-see models for one year at the entrance of his studio. The limitations that Teller imposes on this series and its repetitiveness is what I find so powerful and interesting. It’s a very revealing look at the nature of the fashion industry. Ingenious.


Artist: Stephen Gill
Title: A Series Of Disappointments
Publisher: Nobody
Year: 2008

A series of discarded betting slips, formed into various shapes by disgruntled and frustrated punters. I find this book both humourous, beautiful and tragically depressing. The slips are all photographed individually in black and white on a dark grey background in a cleverly thought out and designed book where the pages fold out like an accordion.

Sacha Maric is a fashion, portrait and art photographer based in Copenhagen, but originally from London where he studied fine art at Central Saint Martins. His work has appeared in publications including Art Review, Dazed & Confused, Nylon and Wallpaper* and has been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery in London. He has also published two books: Thrashers and Good Mother and Father.