Clay Jordan – Nothing’s Coming Soon

A girl with long braids and a green dress, with her back to the camera,

Zak Dimitrov reviews Clay Maxwell Jordan's forthcoming photogrpahic monograph, 'Nothing's Coming Soon', published by Fall Line Press.

Raymond Meeks – Halfstory Halflife

American photographer Raymond Meeks has documented cliff divers over multiple summers, and has now brought them together in his new book 'Halfstory Halflife'.

Mark Steinmetz – Past K-Ville

Darren Campion writes on photographer Mark Steinmetz' book 'Past K-Ville', published by Stanley Barker.

Soham Gupta – ANGST

Soham Gupta's ANGST chronicles the bleak and disturbed existence of those dwelling on the margins of Calcuttan society through haunting portraits and short stories.

Ryan Cookson – Tell Them About Me

Joshua Lutz – Mind The Gap

Joshua Lutz, photographer and educator, evokes the schizophrenic experience in his latest photobook Mind the Gap (Schilt Publishing, 2018), split between mundane images of American suburban life and eclectic, poetic texts.

Paper Journal photobook – announcing our selected photographers

We are pleased to announce the 4 chosen photographers for our first photobook. Each artist was chosen after submitting their work to our photobook call-out, which ran from 18 June - 6 July. We received over 400 submissions during the 3-week call-out and were very impressed by the standard of work.

Paper Journal 01 launch at New York Art Book Fair

We are excited to announce that we are launching 'Paper Journal 01' at this year’s edition of the New York Art Book Fair.

Paper Journal 01 exhibition and launch, Webber Gallery, 30 August 2018

Paper Journal 01 – the issue

Paper Journal Issue 01 cover

Paper Journal Photobook – call for submissions

Luigi Ghirri – The Map and The Territory

Hayahisa Tomiyasu – TTP

Sybren Vanoverberghe – 2099

Arturo Soto – In the Heat

Arturo Soto's 'In the Heat', aims to show Panama as a place apart from the assumptions that we might have about it and from the iconography that we might expect.

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Palm Book launch at Leica Mayfair

Ron Jude – Nausea