Same Paper – Closing Ceremony 2

Shanghai-based publishers Same Paper, founded by photographer Xiaopeng Yuan and graphic designer Yijun Wang (Evan) in 2013, are launching two new photography zines; the second issue of their well-received Closing Ceremony, and the inaugural issue of Amazine.

This new issue of Closing Ceremony looks across the Pacific, to America, to present contemporary photography and practitioners dealing with topics of gender, politics, class and consumption. In the editors’ words, “By re-constructing and visualizing the minor details of the daily life, setting them in a bright and clear lighting, these photographers create a new order, in which the realness and fiction is hard to distinguish. And through the images, their voices can be heard among the chaos which America is going through.”

Closing Ceremony 02 features the work of ten contributing photographers: Buck Ellison, Charlie Engman, Chris Maggio, Eva O’Leary, Gregory Halpern, Matthew Connors, Peter Sutherland, Pixy Liao, Sophie Tianxin Chen, Torbjørn Rødland, along with an essay by Joël Vacheron, and articles written by Robin Peckham, Peng Ke, Nat Ward, and PAPER JOURNAL founding editor Patricia Karallis.

For Amazine, Same Paper invited five photographers from various countries to examine lifestyle trends and consumer anxiety through’s convenient return policy, which allows them to purchase photographic props from their local Amazon website and to return these after the shoot. Featuring work by David Brandon Geeting, Zhongjia Sun, Thomas Rousset, Makoto Oono, Ryan Duffin, and Xiaopeng Yuan.