Shane Vincent – Nuff Love

I’ve seen London change so much already, so many places that held memories have been knocked down by the tories for more capital. There’s a lot of beauty in the everyday stuff ‘ere and it’s getting rubbed out. I love London. It was a set 2 at the local cafe for breakfast, then round to June’s for Jellof for dinner. The melting pot of culture makes its own unique way of life. That is why I like to take pictures in a permanent marker of proper local life in this changing city.  It’s a little slice of London life from the point of view of a Londoner in his mid 20’s in 2020.

Born and raised in North London, Shane Vincent has a local perspective on the city. Shane strives to give a local perspective on London, showing not just its vibrancy and energy but a more honest perspective that is often not documented by mainstream media. His latest zine, Nuff Love, will launch Thursday 21 May.