Paper Journal 01 in the front window at Magma, Covent Garden, London.
Paper Journal 01 in the front window at Magma, Covent Garden, London.

Launched in 2013, online and print magazine Paper Journal is updated regularly with interviews, features, studio visits and photobook reviews and aims to bring you the very best in contemporary visual arts. It is unique in that we feature a lot of different types of photography from unknown or new photographers alongside established names. Our contributors range from journalists, fashion editors, stylists, photographers and industry professionals.

In 2018, we went from online to offline, with our first print issue. Our issue was launched in London at Webber Gallery, as well as at New York Art Book Fair, and was nominated for a Lucie Award in the Photography Magazine of the Year category. Paper Journal 01 is stocked worldwide.

Based in Melbourne, London, and NYC and with contributors from all over the world, Paper Journal continues to grow with a series of independent exhibitions, printed publications, talks and events.

Founding Editor in Chief
Patricia Karallis

Giada De Agostinis

Fashion Director
Shirley Amartey

Editorial Assistant
Jacob Charles Wilson

Valeria Wiwinius

Contributing Writers (past and present)

James Anderson, Stephanie Baptist, Kim Beil, Adam Bell, Chris Franklin Blackmore, Daniel Boetker-Smith, Jessie Bond, Sahara Borja, James Brown, Darren Campion, Lauren Cochrane, Joanna Cresswell, Jareh Das, Giada De Agostinis, Domenico de Chirco, Zak Dimitrov, Meshach Falconer-Roberts, Brad Feuerhelm, Matthew Flores, Ben Freeman, Romke Hoogwaerts, Patricia Karralis, Göksu Kunak, Matthew Leifheit, Pablo Lerma, Nina Manandhar, Francesca Marcaccio, Alex Merola, Dorrell Merritt, Kris Kozlowski Moore, Edward Newton, Alexander Norton, Paola Paleari, Amelia Phillips, Vanya Pieters, Leyla Pillai, Josephine Platt, Ellyn Ruddick-Sunstein, Dania Shibab, Rhianne Sinclair-Phillips, Trine Stephensen, Katie Stretton, Alessandro Teoldi, Drew Whittam, Jacob Charles Wilson, Luke Winter, Valeria Wiwinius, Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa, Vivian Yeung, Res

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