Chen Xiangyun – Avec Toi

Instagram Takeover – Max Miechowski

Juan Ortiz-Arenas – Buckets at the Ducketts

Eri Vanluchene & Mirre Nimmegeers – The King is my Neighbour

Instagram Takeover – Steph Wilson

June T Sanders – Some Place Not Yet Here

Instagram Takeover – Alex Huanfa Cheng

Marco Barbieri – Land of Plenty

Instagram Takeover – Guillaume Simoneau

Tomoya Imamura – Petöfi’s Corpse

Instagram Takeover – Sarah Blais

Interview – Liz Johnson Artur

Interview – Eamonn Doyle

Jack Davison – Photographs

Interview – Clément Verger

Sybren Vanoverberghe – Conference Of The Birds

Interview – Daniel Szalai

B.A. Photography Graduates 2019 Round-up