Marisol Mendez – MADRE

Interview – Curran Hatleberg

Dev Dhunsi – MaskiniTaal

Interview – Ahndraya Parlato

Skyler Dahan – Mystical Mycelium

Christopher Desanges – Shapeshifter

A man emerges from a pool of water, shattering the still surface into rings of ripples.

Sarah Mei Herman – Julian & Jonathan

Irina Shkoda – Miserere

Three religious women stand in a desert, one with a cameraphone.

15 Questions With… Sander Coers

Catherine Canac-Marquis – Sungazing

Solenne Spitalier – Wide Open

15 Questions With… Daniel Mebarek

An old passport photo has been cut out and pasted on top of an image of a snow-capped mountain.

Antonino Barbaro – A Place Like No Other

15 Questions with… Alba Zari

An old analogue family photo, the print has been painted over, obscuring the father's face.

Instagram Takeover – Imdad Barbhuyan

A person holds a large surfboard sized fern leaf that covers the models entire body, leaving only the hands that hug the leaf exposed.

Claudia Fuggetti – Hot Zone

Instagram Takeover – David van der Leeuw

People at a local produce market are shown inspecting and purchasing vendor's goods at dusk.

Manuel Nieberle – Kyiv