Interview – Paul Knight: jump into bed with me

A modern-day love letter between Paul Knight and his partner Peter, 'jump into bed with me' reveals intimacy in all of its guises.

Interview – Elena Subach: Grandmothers on the Edge of Heaven

Elena Subach talks to Leila Kozma about her series 'Grandmothers on the Edge of Heaven', venerating the elderly women of Ukraine.

Interview – Cherine Fahd: Apókryphos

Interview – Cecilia Sordi Campos: Tem Bigato Nessa Goiaba

Cecilia Sordi Campos' 'Tem Bigato Nessa Goiaba' represents the need Campos felt "to devour my Brazilian influences, my hybrid identity, and my emotions to then transform them into a new form of expression."

Interview – Matteo Dal Vera and Michael Weatherill: The Bridge

Juan Brenner – Tonatiuh

Gregory Eddi Jones talks to artist Juan Brenner on his latest monograph, 'Tonatiuh' which takes on the colonial and class history of Guatemala.

Bharat Sikka – The Sapper

Bharat Sikka conscripted his own father to play his subject in The Sapper. He tells Max Ferguson about working closely together to build a fictionalised yet tender account of masculinity, isolation, and memory.

Interview – Brad Feuerhelm, Dein Kampf

Sunil Shah talks to Brad Feuerhelm on his latest book to be published by MACK, Dein Kampf, visualising cynicism, anxiety, and the weight of history in Berlin.

Daniel C. Blight – The Image of Whiteness

A 'colour girl' card. A test card with a white woman wearing a black dress and white gloves, surrounded by colour reference bars.

Author, lecturer, and critic Daniel C. Blight talks to Drew Thompson about his latest book, 'The Image of Whiteness' and on how whiteness, as a racial construct and category, informs photographic practice and the writing about photographs

Vytautas Kumza – Half empty half full

Gerrit Rietveld Academie graduate Vytautas Kumza talks to Leila Kozma on his eye-deceiving series 'Half empty half full'.

Interview – Dafna Talmor

Artist and lecturer Dafna Talmor talks to Jacob Charles Wilson on her 'Constructed Landscapes' series, exhibited recently at Sid Motion Gallery, London.

Interview – Liz Johnson Artur

Ghanaian-Russian photographer Liz Johnson Artur talks to Anastasiia Fedorova on working in London and representation in her 'Black Balloon Archive'.

Interview – Eamonn Doyle

Craig Atkinson of Café Royal Books talks to Eamonn Doyle on the release of his new book of street photography, 'Made in Dublin'.

Interview – Clément Verger

Clément Verger's 'Endeavour' is about the Iberian Peninsula's most controversial plant: the eucalyptus, which depletes local biodiversity and water reserves, and has been held responsible for forest fires that in recent years have devastated the region.

Interview – Daniel Szalai

Daniel Szalai's 'Novogen' challenges the conventions of product photography,with dauntingly slick, minimalistic portraits depicting 168 almost identical-looking chickens, cast against a bright, azure background.

B.A. Photography Graduates 2019 Round-up

Paper Journal's Nasreen Osman talks to photography graduates Ellen Stewart, Emanuele Moi, Eva Louisa Jonas, and Kamila Lozinska about their work & future plans.

Interview – Sean Alexander Geraghty

Sean Alexander Geraghty is currently photographing the withering Chinese-Cuban community of Barrio Chino, Havana’s chinatown and once amongst the largest in Latin America.

Interview – Heather Glazzard

Heather Glazzard's 'Queer Letters' is an attempt at providing, through portraits and texts, queer aesthetics for people who find themselves without meaningful representation in the world.