We Love


Christopher Desanges – Shapeshifter

A man emerges from a pool of water, shattering the still surface into rings of ripples.

Sarah Mei Herman – Julian & Jonathan

Irina Shkoda – Miserere

Three religious women stand in a desert, one with a cameraphone.

Catherine Canac-Marquis – Sungazing

Solenne Spitalier – Wide Open

Antonino Barbaro – A Place Like No Other

Claudia Fuggetti – Hot Zone

Manuel Nieberle – Kyiv

Tito Mouraz – Mergulho

Marco de Ieso – Serpaio

Palm Photo Prize 2021

Cole Barash – Sound of Dawn

László Gábor Belicza – Diary

Ben Amando – A Change of Plan

Claudia Iacomino – Mnemosyne

Alexander Komenda – Tiramisu

Jonas Van der Haegen – LOVE FUCK PRAY

Alina Trifan – Winter Flowers