Instagram Takeovers

Instagram Takeover – Cleo Goossens

Since the sudden passing of Cleo Goossens' father in 2010, photography has become, 'something important, something for me to hold on to'.

Instagram Takeover – Nico Krijno

Nico Krijno is a contemporary artist who explores photography at the blurry intersection of collage, painting, sculpture and performance. Often working with discarded found materials, he interprets and re-organises them in a non-linear manner in the pursuit of finding alternative structures for how meaning and matter are constructed and perceived.

Instagram Takeover – Molly Matalon

Molly Matalon is taking over @paperjournalmag until 18 May 2020, sharing her personal and sincere view of desire and the female gaze.

Instagram Takeover – Tealia Ellis Ritter

Tealia Ellis Ritter's work contends with the intersecting roles of the family photograph as personal document, marker of time, and physical object.

Instagram Takeover – David Rothenberg

This week on the Paper Journal Instagram, David Rothenberg is sharing photographs from 'Roosevelt Station' and 'Landing Lights Park'.

Instagram Takeover – Michele Palazzi

This week, Italian documentary photographer Michele Palazzi is sharing some of his recent work on the Paper Journal Instagram.

Instagram Takeover – Arch McLeish

Instagram Takeover – Maximilian Semlinger

Maximilian Semlinger's 'Godspeed' charts a journey of self-discovery, as both a young man and an artist. Moody glances and folorn gazes speak of a dispirited generation.

Instagram Takeover – Akasha Rabut

Nearly ten years ago, documentary photographer Akasha Rabut set out to show there's more to New Orleans than parties and disasters. Instead, she focussed on the people who live there, "The ones who persevere, survive, strengthen, and transform the city in all its unceasing vibrancy."

Instagram Takeover – Sarah van Rij

Peering through frosted glass, catching a glimpse of a face, Sarah van Rij's photography revels in voyeurism. This week, she's taking over @paperjournalmag.

Instagram Takeover – Vincent Desailly

In 2018, documentary photographer Vincent Desailly travelled from his native France to Atlanta, Georgia to photograph the city that birthed Trap music.

Instagram Takeover – Stephen Tayo

Adopting formal poses that were popular in the studio photography of West Africa in the 1950s and 1960s, Stephen Tayo captures intimate portraits that reveal the sartorial flair and quiet dignity of his sitters.

Instagram Takeover – Melissa Schriek

Melissa Schriek's playful, staged work focusses typically on just a few people, watching as they act out living sculptures.

Instagram Takeover – Sam Youkilis

Sam Youkilis elevates specific places to simple formal arrangements of colour and line - this is travel photography, but this could be almost anywhere.

Instagram Takeover – Asaf Einy

A masculine presence makes itself known throughout the work of Asaf Einy - bulky torsos, tight briefs, arms draped unconsciously over shoulders and gesturing in impassioned conversation - he captures the companionship and casual intimacy of his subjects.

Instagram Takeover – Honey Long & Prue Stent

A headless torso poses seductively in a pearlescent pool.

Through foraging and chance encounters, Honey Long & Prue Stent reconfigure debris to create a fluid, dream world that plays on the subconscious.

Instagram Takeover – Continu-um

Continu-um is a collaborative photographic project started in 2016 between Alex Catt and Lola Thomas during a 11 month overland journey from England to Morocco, and back again.

Instagram Takeover – Daniel Dorsa

Daniel Dorsa's ongoing project Paradise sees him return to his homestate of Florida, where he finds thought-provoking contrasts between the natural beauty of the landscape and the banality of built-up areas.