Michael Lundgren – Geomancy

Since the late 1990s Michael Lundgren’s photographic pilgrimages into the deserts of Arizona, Utah and Mexico have been an attempt to restore what he feels we have lost touch with – an Earth-centred mythology.

Interview – Paul Knight: jump into bed with me

A modern-day love letter between Paul Knight and his partner Peter, 'jump into bed with me' reveals intimacy in all of its guises.

Interview – Cherine Fahd: Apókryphos

Interview – Cecilia Sordi Campos: Tem Bigato Nessa Goiaba

Cecilia Sordi Campos' 'Tem Bigato Nessa Goiaba' represents the need Campos felt "to devour my Brazilian influences, my hybrid identity, and my emotions to then transform them into a new form of expression."

Interview – Matteo Dal Vera and Michael Weatherill: The Bridge

Robbie Lawrence – Blackwater River

Robbie Lawrence's 'Blackwater River' is an attempt at 'measuring the temperature' of American society by observing events, 'quietly and objectively'.

Bharat Sikka – The Sapper

Bharat Sikka conscripted his own father to play his subject in The Sapper. He tells Max Ferguson about working closely together to build a fictionalised yet tender account of masculinity, isolation, and memory.

Interview – Brad Feuerhelm, Dein Kampf

Sunil Shah talks to Brad Feuerhelm on his latest book to be published by MACK, Dein Kampf, visualising cynicism, anxiety, and the weight of history in Berlin.

Lisa Barnard – The Canary and the Hammer

Lisa Barnard's 'The Canary and the Hammer' searches for gold throughout cultural history and questions its contemporary value.

Interview – Eamonn Doyle

Craig Atkinson of Café Royal Books talks to Eamonn Doyle on the release of his new book of street photography, 'Made in Dublin'.

Jack Davison – Photographs

Kris Koslowski Moore considers the 'constant oscillation between veiling and unveiling' of Jack Davison's 'Photographs', published by Loose Joints.

Same Paper – Closing Ceremony 2

The latest issue of 'Closing Ceremony' looks to America to present contemporary photography dealing with gender, politics, class and consumption.

Alessio Bolzoni – Abuse II: The Uncanny

Italian photographer Alessio Bolzoni subverts expectations of fashion and documentary in his latest publication ABUSE II: THE UNCANNY.

Talia Chetrit – Showcaller

Talia Chetrit's first book 'Showcaller' (Mack, 2019) looks back to see how she's presented her shifting identity over the past twenty years.

Pre-order: Paper Journal Annual 2019

A photograph of three books laid in a line.

Interview: KangHee Kim – Golden Hour

We hear from Korean born, NYC based photographer KangHee Kim about her new book 'Golden Hour', published through Same Paper.

Sarah Walker – Second Sight

Paper Journal reviews Sarah Walker's photobook 'Second Sight', winner of the 2018 Perimeter First Book.

Adam Pape – Dyckman Haze

Darren Campion reviews Adam Pape's latest release Dyckman Haze, published through MACK.