Ashley Markle

Ashley Markle is an artist working with photography and mixed media. Originally from Ohio, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Film at Kent State University in 2017. Shortly after, she moved to Brooklyn, NY and realized her passion for still photography. She completed the Continuing Education Track Program at the International Center of Photography then continued on to the Advanced Track Program in which she received a full scholarship. Her work has been exhibited/published in "Not Me, Us" a collaborative photobook raising money for those affected by COVID-19, Photographing in the time of COVID-19 an online exhibition by The Photographer’s Eye Collective, and “ICPConcerned” an exhibition by the International Center of Photography, curated by David Campany. Currently, she is working on self-publishing a photobook of the work from 'Weekends with my Mother and her Lover.', applying to MFA Programs for Fall 2021, producing/designing a monthly collaborative zine, and making new work with her biological father.


Ashley Markle – Weekends with my Mother and her Lover