Marco De Ieso

Marco De Ieso was born in Perugia in 1998. The passion for photography began from an early age when a strong attachment to archive images was born in him, where scenes of everyday life were represented set in the country from which he comes, Panicale. The rural context and popular traditions are what characterized the storytelling part in his path, bringing out a strong attachment to family and origins. His research goes to investigate the relationship of man with daily actions and with the territory, so that his images can represent over time the contact of the human figure in the context in which it has lived and continues to live. At the age of 17 he met professional photographers where thanks to them, in this period, he developed photographic techniques and compositions, also looking out for a long time to analogue photography. In his self-taught path he studied the best photographers and writers of the past in books, drawing inspiration from them, but the thing that influenced him the most, was having seen many auteur films of Italian Cinema with more precision: Pasolini, Olmi, Antonioni and Taviani Brothers. The production of his personal and commissioned photographic projects is therefore strongly linked to his origins and to the traditions that have been handed down to him by the people of the small villages where he lived his adolescence. He ranges from more conceptual contemporary photography to fashion photography, which are the two worlds that mainly identify him. Today at a professional level he deals with fashion photography, collaborating with many agencies and luxury brands. In recent years he has also photographed interiors, leading him to produce content for many architectural firms. He has also developed photographic projects that have become the subject of exhibitions. He has published for: Vogue Italia, Perimetro Milano, CAP 74024, C41 Magazine, Sali e Tabacchi Journal, Shuba Magazine, FrizziFrizzi, Deep Blue Analog, Majestic Casual, Organiconcrete, Casa di Banista, Caroline Records, Filicole Volanti, CUS Photo, Social Musique , College Music, Raincheck, STRLG, Overnorth.


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