Instagram Takeover – Henry Gorse

A girl casts a circular shadow ring over her eye. Her fake Barcelona FC t-shirt contrasts with a white shawl and the black background. Her lips seem to be bleeding and a cigarette burns.

Photographer Henry Gorse is taking over the Paper Journal Instagram with a promise of ‘fun, fantasy and lols!’. He’s offering up his usual trashy props, irreverent humour, and enigmatic mystical advice.

Henry is from Nantwich, a small town in Northern England. He typically commissioned for fashion shoots and has worked with Alees Yvon and Office, Woman SRSLY and i-D, and cast his own mum in a Hermès shoot.

He’s taking over @paperjournalmag from today until the 17th of March. You can follow him @henrygorse and see more of his work at

A colourful portrait of a woman's head, her pink hair contrasts with the blue flowers in her hair and the bright sky behind her.
A black and white photo of a nude woman coated in static-charged balloons.
A woman resembles traditional paintings of the Virgin Mary, but she's dressed in a blue plastic tarp with a hub cap crown.

Published 12 March 2019