Manuel Nieberle – Kyiv

Kyiv is a portraiture and documentary photography series made in 2018 by Manuel Nieberle, exploring the social and physical landscape of Ukraine’s capital in the wake of the revolution on the Maidan in December 2013 and the unrest in February 2014, which claimed more than 80 lives. Since the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia and the civil war in the east of the country, it has been in the midst of a diplomatic and military tug-of-war between the EU and Russia and has been largely destabilized by repeated mutual breaches of ceasefire agreements. The civil war, which is still going on, has largely disappeared from the western media. Looking at the never-ending conflict seems to tire the media world and public interest has waned in recent years. How does everyday life in the city look like, particularly regarding the Ukrainian youth, in which the revolution promised so much freedom and confidence for the future?

Manuel Nieberle was born 1993 in a small town in the alpine foothills of southern Germany. He was introduced to photography at a young age through skateboarding. He studied photography and received his BA at the University of Applied Sciences, Munich. In 2013 he collaborated with Diesel and held his first solo exhibition in Cologne, Germany. His work mainly focuses on portraiture and documentary and has been featured by Zeit, The New Yorker, FT Weekend Magazine, Vice and Monocle. His clients include Carhartt WIP, Mercedes, Dr. Martens and Condé Nast.