Tianxi Wang – So Long and Thanks for All the Fish 再见,谢谢所有的鱼

My life was suddenly cut off in January 2019. For some reason, I was forced to move to China.

I settled down by the Hai river and tried to restart my life. I took up the habit of walking along the river because I found it soothing; I walk by the river every day to seek healing and rest. The water runs slow, the ripples look soft and smooth, and there’s a strange light reflecting on the surface. Somehow it helps me relax. So Long and Thanks for All the Fish 再见,谢谢所有的鱼 is a subjective report, during my customary walks along the river. I captured the people swimming in the river and catching fish, often with just a fishing net; however, the motivation behind the project was not so much to document the local fishing culture but to pursue the sense of calm and relaxation that I find along the river.

Tianxi Wang was born and raised in China. He studied in Rochester Institute of Technology at the United States. Tianxi is influenced by a wide range of artists such as Yamamato Masao, Masahisa Fukase, Gregory Halpern and Todd Hido. He is interested in imagery and metaphors found in ordinary space. Currently, Tianxi lives and works in China. He established a small artist community in Tianjin, The Miscellaneous LAB, which offers dwelling as well as shared studio space and equipment.