Twin X exhibition, celebrating a decade of emerging creativity in London

Photograph by Cass Bird, Issue 19, 2018
Photograph by Bibi Cornejo Borthwick of Alek Wek , Issue 9, 2017
Photograph by Akinola Davies Jr., Issue 19, 2018
Photograph by Kenneth Capello of Chloe Sevigny, Issue 4, 2011
Photograph by Joyce NG, Issue 18, 2018
Photograph by Mariana Sanvito of Niko Riam, Issue 19, 2018
Photograph by Yaniv Edry, Issue 19, 2018

Twin X is a group exhibition celebrating a decade of emerging creativity in London that draws on the archive of biannual fashion and art publication Twin Magazine. Curated collectively by Twin founder Becky Smith; Twin art editor and curator Francesca Gavin; curator and gallerist Antonia Marsh; image director Holly Hay; and Twin fashion editor Naomi Miller; the exhibition culminates at the intersection of fashion, photography and art. Each curator brings their own personal lens to an initial edit of Twin’s rich back catalogue to shape a final series of images.

The exhibition displays specially-commissioned editorial images that focus on independence and individualism. The diverse collection is brought together by a shared foundation in portraiture and the figurative. The show deconstructs this central narrative into four sections: Photographers, Models, People and the Unseen; exploring how these characters, faces, and artists are defining the nature of contemporary creativity, providing the viewer with a rare insight into the world of image-making.

Work by distinguished photographers such as Boo George, Cass Bird, Bibi Cornejo Borthwick, Dexter Navy, and Akinola Davies Jr amongst others will be on show, alongside seminal images featuring models and characters such as Alek Wek, Chloë Sevigny and Louise Bourgeois. The Unseen section will feature never-before-seen outtake shots from the magazine’s photographic archive.

Twin X is on view at The Store X, Surrey Street, 180 The Strand, WC2R 2ND, Thursday 31 January – Sunday 3 February 2019.

Published 29 January 2019