Cosey Fanni Tutti

Born (4th November 1951) in Hull, Cosey began her art and music career during 1969, appearing in art performances and musical improvisations in and around Hull until 1972. In 1973, Cosey moved to London and continued working as a performance artist representing Britain at the 9th Paris Biennale, 1975 and Arte Inglese Oggi, 1976. She also performed in Belgium, Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Austria, USA and Canada until 1980. Her art practice takes its place alongside her continuing music work with Chris Carter (as CARTER TUTTI) and the re-grouping of Throbbing Gristle and their continuing world-wide performances and recordings. Her work continues to be exhibited internationally, most recently in 'Pop Life' at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada and 'Picture Industry' at Regen Projects summer show in Los Angeles in 2010.


ART SEX MUSIC: in conversation with Cosey Fanni Tutti