Rose Langis

Peter Milne – Juvenilia

The Real Thing

Born on the black market, bootlegging has become a way to express oneself not only stylistically, but politically, to the extent of forming communities.

Middlesex University Presents: Masculinities

Middlesex University’s Fashion Styling and Communications department seeks to unpick and redefine masculinity by exploring it’s plethora of avenues through art.

The Hoodie exhibition, curated by Lou Stoppard

Showing at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, 'The Hoodie' digs deep into the tumultuous socio-political identity of the iconic garment.

Venetia Scott – Fragile Face Lay Flat

In 'Fragile Face Lay Flat' Venetia Scott crops photographs, drawn from her archive of fashion editorials, so that only the faces of the models remain.