Issue 19

For the past 8 years, Paper Journal has celebrated a wide range of photography, publishing emerging artists right up next to established names. We have published photobook reviews, interviews, features, and portfolios, as well as created content with our fashion editorials and studio visits. Our 19th digital issue includes 166 pages, 13 artists, 7 writers, and a studio visit with a creative design studio. Issue 19 is available to download in two versions—for reading on a desktop, or single-page view for your mobile.

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Digital Issue 19: Ying Ang – The Quickening

Digital Issue 19: Rahim Fortune – I can’t stand to see you cry

Digital Issue 19: Studio Visit – U-P

Digital Issue 19: Deanna Dikeman – Leaving and Waving

Digital Issue 19: Efrem Zelony-Mindell & Jason Koxvold in Conversation

Digital Issue 19: Carolyn Drake – Knit Club

Digital Issue 19: Hanneke van Leeuwen – ODE

Elliott Jerome Brown Jr. & Dannielle Bowman in Conversation

Digital Issue 19: Denisse Ariana Pérez – AGUA

Digital Issue 19: Interview – Chiara Bardelli-Nonino