Florian Braakman: Collisions



Some people collide, in order to bounce off to other places. Some people collide so beautifully it is a mirage of absolute happiness, and if given the option they would live colliding for the rest of their lives. But it is not always to last and needs to make digressions and progressions. We digress because we do not know what is to come next, but we may progress though there is no way of telling what lies ahead. We are not in control of most of the things in our life, although we feel we might have a grasp all we really can do is hope that…

Sorry my mum’s talking to me

All we can do is hope that our bodies are ready for the things thrown at us. When we experience an encounter with associated romance, all we can hope is that we can act our natural ways, our body will hopefully move the way it should, the way it usually does as the charm of your natural body’s progression will be enough to engulf her feelings, make her plummet with uncontrollable desire. This only happens if it’s right, but it does not need to last – it manufactures a beautiful memory.

Our natural reaction is to chase it, to find it and regain it. It must happen naturally, otherwise you say it’s finished, but the heart hangs on more than your head. The heart is relentless, it does not care for money, how you’ll get by, how you will live: all it cares about is a supply of happiness reaching it. To help our mood levels to reach a bright green, it searches for more than a survival instinct; love is just a heart looking for company and our bodies bow to its affect. Our head hangs in a fifty–fifty balance in the end, never going over; when sometimes the heart escapes the heads clutches. Mind over emotion brings us back to a stable position. The chemical reactions going off in our brains like fireworks.

It feels like Disneyland up in here

Soon the heart simmers down, it breaks its boiling point as we regain some control over our feelings, and our head governs our next move, made possible by the fighting spirit of the heart. We can fly whenever it is possible, whenever our heart sparks out of control again, and spills over like the desperate need to feel, to experience. Like we dream, it is a sensation that only love really projects within us, so powerful it pushes through ‘us’ onto our expressions each day we are under its influence. It is beyond beauty, it is a personal beauty. An over dwelling, in a kind of awe of the spectacle, met between two people and felt at the same intensity. It’s the reason we walk mountains, travel miles upon miles, and why we flock to the many areas of the world to meet this feeling. It is a decision we barely think over, we just do it regardless of how it may affect our lives and wellbeing.

It’s the overwhelming sensation that this is everything for you, at that current time. It consumes your life, everything you feel, do and want to. It is the reason we are here.

‘Without you, I have no reason for being.’ – Einstein on the Beach, Philip Glass










Written by Alexander Norton / Published 23 July 2013