Alexander Norton

Alexander Norton is a multi medium artist working with notions of human existence, notably through objects and thoughts. Through the use of music, photography, poetry, writing, comedy and event organisation she produces fiction within a non fiction context. Particularly focusing on poetry's relationship to photographic images, a constant connection between what we see and what we hear remains a core theme throughout her practice. She works with environmental performance that creates sensations, good and bad to create antidotes for issues that arise.


Adam Birkan – Social Observations; the basic principles of living

Paper Journal, Adam Birkan, Bangkok landscape

Barry Stone – Darkside of the Rainbow

Daniel Shea – Blisner, Il

Visual Indications: Adam Schreiber

Alexi Hobbs – Elated

Florian Braakman – Collisions

Luke Boland – What we’ve Made

Amy Touchette – Borrowed

We’re Not Ready Yet: Jiajia Zhang

Thomas Prior – A Gentle Act of Violence

Nothings Happening – Alexander Norton