Instagram Takeover – Emily Simms

A woman reaches down to the dry, dusty floor, she's holding a lemon and a brush of twigs that match her yellow sandals.

Emily Simms is a designer and photo illustrator based in New York City. But this week she’s brightening up everyone’s timelines with sun-drenched views of Miami.

Her work relishes in humour and delight manifested through rich textures, a strong sense of colour, and minimalist form. She has worked for and collaborated with Loeffler Randall, New York Times, Sagmeister & Walsh, Opening Ceremony, and RoAndCo Studio.

Emily Simms is taking over @paperjournalmag from today until the 25th of March. You can follow her @emlysmms and see more of her work at

The small windows at the rear of a housing block are open wide, gasping for air. The cool mint green wall reflects the blazing sun
A bright, bold green and yellow dumpster
A woman in a tan jacket stands in front of a terracotta wall and shields her eyes from the sun.
A hand offers up a flower to the relentless sun in the pure blue sky