Instagram Takeover – Mustafah Abdulaziz

Mustafah Abdulaziz’ on-going project Water has received support from the United Nations, WaterAid, WWF, VSCO, and Google, has been reviewed by Phaidon, Monopol and published in Der Spiegel, The New Yorker, TIME and The Guardian.

He has been exhibited at Strandvägen in Stockholm, The Scoop in London, the Sydney Opera House, the Brooklyn Waterfront in New York City, König Galerie in Berlin, and the National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C. His work is held in the collection of the Daimler Art Collection, he is a fellow of the 53rd Annual Fellowship of The Alicia Patterson Foundation, and the 2019 winner of the Leica Oskar Barnack Award. He is currently working on a grant from National Geographic on the social response to COVID-19 crisis in Europe.

Abdulaziz is taking over @paperjournalmag from today until the 23rd of November. You can follow him @mustafahabdulaziz and see more of his work at