Instagram Takeover – Tealia Ellis Ritter

Tealia Ellis Ritter is an American photographer, living and working in rural Connecticut. Her work contends with the intersecting roles of the family photograph as personal document, marker of time, and physical object. Her interests lie specifically in exploring the changing nature of intimacy over time and the exchange of authorship and control between subject and photographer.

Her work has been exhibited internationally, most recently by Aperture, Catherine Edelman Gallery, Taschen, Double V Gallery, France, and the Swab Art Fair, Barcelona, and has also appeared in many publications, including JRNL 2 published by Fotofilmic, The New Yorker, The Daily Telegraph, Mouvement, Stella, Bloomberg Pursuits, and The Financial Times. She is currently engaged in a long term project entitled, The Model Family.

Tealia Ellis Ritter will be taking over @paperjournalmag from today until 11 May 2020. You can follow her @tealiaellisritter and see more of her work at