Jorge Perez Ortiz – La Caleta

La Caleta is a beach, located near old town Cadiz, Spain. Over summer, it becomes the main place where locals socialise and spend most of their time during the day. What makes it unique is the warm and welcoming atmosphere you get from the people. Families usually gather, and one can witness colourful scenes that reflect the traditional life approach that people from the south have; relaxed, optimistic and whimsical.

Jorge Perez Ortiz, together with Adrian Bernal, decided to spend a summer together in Cadiz, documenting the beauty found in everyday life in southern Spain, capturing real people and their normal activity during a heat-wave. The aim of La Caleta was to reflect spontaneity and the organic way of meeting people; the personality of each individual, together with the light and the landscape Oritz and Bernal found made the final result totally magic.

Jorge Perez Ortiz is a photographer and artist, born in 1988 in Valladolid, Spain. Upon completing undergraduate studies in Fine Art he relocated to London where he discovered his passion for storytelling through the medium of photography.

In London he continued his studies at UAL’s London College of fashion, developing projects that explore his innate curiosity for different cultures and his surroundings. Returning to Spain, he found as an art director and photographer while continuing to produce personal work and projects for publications. Clients include Loewe, Arket, Bimba&Lola, and Zara.